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Will Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement Interrupt My Business?

Sometimes damage to a commercial roof requires just a small patch or a section that can be easily repaired. However, if you see evidence of leaking, pooling, or other signs your commercial roof needs repair, don’t assume you’ll need to close your business during the roof restoration process.

An experienced commercial roofing company will know how to help property owners and facility managers keep business operations running smoothly throughout the project so there is no need to interrupt your business.

You should discuss any safety concerns with your contractor and go over ways to keep your staff and customers aware of the roofing project and away from the roofing crew to maintain safe practices.

You will want to have adequate signage during the project that will alert customers and/or visitors that a roofing project is taking place and include an apology for the inconvenience. It won’t interrupt your business operations, but there will be noise that could be alarming to customers who aren’t aware of the source.

We explore some other roofing questions here, but you can contact our roofing consultants with any concerns or questions you may have about your own commercial roofing needs.

Can I Restore My Roof During the COVID-19 Quarantine?

Roofing companies in Pennsylvania have been deemed essential during the shelter-in-place quarantine. We help ensure the safety of commercial buildings and help to sustain their infrastructure.

Keystone Commercial Roofing consultants are practicing all safety precautions required by the Centers for Disease Control, including social distancing and frequent handwashing. We also keep business owners updated on project progress through the use of our CompanyCam photo app.

How Long Will A Roof Restoration Take Place?

Your commercial roof project could take 3-10 days, depending on the scope of the project. The quickest application is an SPF commercial roof system.

Protrusions or seam details can add to installation time. These are areas where haste will make waste, so even though you may want the project to be completed sooner than projected, keep in mind the importance of attention to details.

Our professional roofing team will ensure that your roofing substrate is structurally sound, clean, and smooth. A successful roof restoration requires the roof to be free of debris, dirt, moisture, grease, existing membrane, old roofing material, and other potential threats to your new commercial roof system.

What Is the Roof Repair Procedure?

  • For single-ply membrane roof restorations, we:
  1. Power wash roof with WAC ll cleaner
  2. Prime with Tack Coat
  3. Seal seams
  4. Coat roof with modified acrylic coating

Note: We can install Conklin Roofing Systems’ Flexion on new installations.

  • A spray foam roofing system may be a quicker solution since there will be no need for tear-off time. This SPF roofing system is a three-step process:
  1. Spray an initial 1-inch-thick layer on every part of your roof
  2. Apply a coat of acrylic latex
  3. Apply a Puma XL topcoat
  • A metal roof restoration is a four-step process. Our commercial roof restoration for metal roofs entails specific attention to rust mitigation. Following are the steps in the roofing repair process:
  1. Prime your metal roof by neutralizing rust and preventing the further risk of rust
  2. Caulk all fasteners heads and other potential weak spots
  3. Waterproof all roof seams with a waterproofing tape and fabric compressed between two layers of base coat
  4. Apply reflective topcoat

How Noisy is a Commercial Roof Replacement?

Restoring a commercial roof typically can be loud. The noise level will depend on the type of commercial roof system being installed and the issues that need to be fixed. The noise is one of the reasons why we encourage facility managers to inform staff and customers before the project begins and to have signage in place while the roof repair is in progress.

An experienced roofing consultant can go over any concerns you may have regarding construction noise.

What Kind of Mess Can I Expect?

Not only will your business be undisturbed, but your property grounds also will be left intact. You can expect no mess during the roof restoration.

Work will be done with great professionalism and with your best interest in mind. Our roofing technicians clean up each day and debris is removed consistently to ensure a safe worksite.

Again, we encourage project managers to ask any questions you may have regarding your roof restoration project. We offer free roof inspections. You can contact us via our online form or call 814-724-9812.