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roof with flashing in Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Why Roof Flashing is Key to Your Crawford County Building

There are a lot of great things about Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Nearby state parks like Conneaut Lake and Pymatuning make it especially ideal for outdoor lovers to live and visit.

Those who live here year-round, however, know that the climate isn’t for the weak at heart sometimes.

Crawford County gets its fair share of rainfall, more than 40 inches annually. That’s higher than the nation’s average rainfall. According to one report, Allegheny County gets precipitation (snow, sleet, hail, or rain) on average, 166 days per year.

That’s why proper roof flashing is so important. Your local commercial building needs to withstand the barrage of precipitation. Flashing plays a key role in a commercial roof system’s water drainage.

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rust on a commercial roof

Identify Your Roof Repair Needs

Commercial buildings require a lot of maintenance, but commercial roofs shouldn’t be at the top of a facility manager’s list when it comes to routine repair. Most commercial buildings have roofs that last for decades.

But you should be monitoring your commercial roof yearly. Annual commercial roof inspections to identify possible damage can alleviate the risk of developing larger repair needs in the future.

If you manage a commercial property, be alert to the following commercial roof issues that typically occur. You can call our professional roof consultants to schedule your commercial roof inspection.

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COVID-19 update

COVID-19: Roofing Companies Are Essential

As Pennsylvania continues to “shelter in place” per Governor Wolf’s orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, essential businesses like Keystone Commercial Roofing may continue to operate. We are thankful to be deemed an essential business during these unprecedented times and want to assure our customers we are still in operation and maintaining regular business hours.

Why Are Roofers Essential?

The roofing industry’s national economic impact exceeds $100 billion and it provides employment for more than 1 million people, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association. Roofing consultants and contractors have been deemed essential because they help sustain infrastructure and provide critical services to help maintain the safety of homes and businesses (including hospitals and nursing care facilities).

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roof restored by Keystone Commercial

Roofing Consultants Can Save Your Business Thousands! Here’s How

Whether your building is a new facility or the same site that’s decades-old, having to replace its roof is never good news. However, knowing there’s a less expensive way to repair your commercial roof and protect your building’s interior is great news.

Granted, commercial roof replacement costs can vary according to the size of the roof, the condition of the roof, access to the roof, and even weather conditions. Yet the cost per square foot will decrease dramatically when you opt for repairs targeted at only the troubled spots or when you opt for a roof coating.

roof needing repair
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