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Warning: Aluminum Coatings & Metal Roofs

Aluminum is often a preferred roofing material for its lightweight, anti-corrosive, and thermal conductivity properties.  (Galvanized steel is also commonly used in roofing, however, it’s heavier and more expensive.)

You can easily find several aluminum roof coating products on the market that promise an easy, low-cost fix to roof problems. They’re likely sitting on the shelves of your local home improvement store ready for do-it-yourselfers to purchase and use.

When it comes to the integrity of your commercial roof, we want to warn building owners to keep a few things in mind before deciding to go that route.

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Commercial Metal Roofing Prices [Comparison Table Included]

If the metal roof on your business’ building is needing some extra care, you may be wondering if it’s time to do some repairs or if a full replacement is a better option. More importantly, how much could it cost for repairs or replacement? Let’s start with what prices you can expect.

The cost of metal roofing for commercial buildings can range anywhere from $4-$18 per square foot, depending on the type of metal. This includes both materials and labor.

The reason for the vast range in cost is that different types of metal cost more to produce. Also, the complexity of the project may require more hours of labor. Keep reading for a more detailed explanation.

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