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cracked sealant on commercial roof

What Is the Best Sealant for Commercial Roof Leaks?

brittle sealant around roof unit

Leaks on commercial roofing are often caused by brittle, cracked sealant (caulking) around seams, flashing, and roof units, such as HVAC or drainage systems.

Brittle caulking is an issue on most roofs and often one of the most visible causes of leaks in commercial roofing. Proper sealants can be used to repair weak spots in your commercial roof. Ultimately, commercial roof sealant repair and replacement should be part of a roof restoration to ensure your building’s safety.

Finding the best caulk sealant to use on your commercial roof may depend on the climate and time of year.

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commercial roof repair

Repair Your Building’s Roof Before Winter

Do you own or manage a building? If you’re responsible for the proper care of a facility, it’s time to do a thorough inspection of your building’s roof or have a professional roof consultant conduct one for you.

Don’t hold off on roof replacement any longer; do this before cold weather arrives.

Winter weather presents several challenges for roof restoration or repair. In fact, we only have about a month or two left to do liquid applied systems before it gets too cold.

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inside of a warehouse building

5 Ways a Roof Leak Could Destroy Your Warehouse

Water is a powerhouse. Even small droplets, over a sustained amount of time, can cause destruction. From barely noticeable intrusion to all-out water bursts, water’s destruction on your warehouse could be devastating.

What commercial roof maintenance plan do you have in place to help avoid undiscovered leaks in the roof of your warehouse? Our commercial roofing contractors offer a free inspection so you can get the information you need and learn about leak-proofing roof coatings through Keystone Commercial Roofing.

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new roof in Erie Pennsylvania airport

How Do I Choose the Best Commercial Roofer Near Me?

Finding out there’s a leak in your building’s flat roof or metal roofing is a daunting discovery. While we encourage all facility managers to conduct roof condition assessments regularly, we know it’s a task that sometimes gets pushed to the wayside. This year, especially, there were likely pandemic-related issues that took precedence.

So if your building’s roof is showing any of the signs of needed roof repair, don’t delay in finding a reputable commercial roofing company to check that task off your list.

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rust on a commercial roof

Identify Your Roof Repair Needs

Commercial buildings require a lot of maintenance, but commercial roofs shouldn’t be at the top of a facility manager’s list when it comes to routine repair. Most commercial buildings have roofs that last for decades.

But you should be monitoring your commercial roof yearly. Annual commercial roof inspections to identify possible damage can alleviate the risk of developing larger repair needs in the future.

If you manage a commercial property, be alert to the following commercial roof issues that typically occur. You can call our professional roof consultants to schedule your commercial roof inspection.

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