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grease on a roof

We Can Help with Rooftop Grease Contamination

Commercial kitchens endure a lot of abuse, activity, and scrutiny. If you manage or own a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you’ve likely invested thousands of dollars in cooking equipment, from grills and fryers to rotisseries and woks.

Inevitably, that equipment will produce airborne grease. You rely on hood systems, kitchen exhaust fans, and ductwork to move it up and out of the kitchen. Regular roof inspection and maintenance should also be a part of a rooftop grease remediation plan.

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What to Expect During a Commercial Roof Inspection

Replacing the roof on a commercial building can be a huge expense. That’s why it’s so important to have a commercial roof consultant inspect your building’s roof to conduct a leak inspection and ensure all personnel, inventory, and equipment are sheltered properly.

If the roofing consultant discovers leaks or other roof damage, a roof restoration might be your best option. Roof restorations are money-saving options that can take care of leaks and other damage efficiently and effectively.

Now more than ever, with the strain of COVID-19 restrictions, capital spending limited, and the economy less stable, roof coatings an ideal solution to budgetary limitations.

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