Spray Foam Polyurethane Roofing Systems

Is your building's roof damaged or leaking?
Are you considering replacing your roof, but dread the downtime and potential cost?
Would you like to save money on your energy costs year after year?

Engineered for flat and low-slope roofs, our Spray Foam Polyurethane roof system provides reliable protection that goes right on top of your existing roof. That means no expensive tear-off time or downtime for your plant or shop.

100% Leak-Proof Protection With Our Spray Foam Roofing Coating

When we say our SPF roofing system is waterproof, we mean it. In fact, we back our SPF roofing system with a solid warranty that covers the product and our installation. Plus, it's easy to renew your protection at any time with a simple re-application!

Reduced Energy Costs With Our SPF Roofing Systems

With a minimum 60% energy efficiency rating, your roof will provide better cooling and heat reflection than some air conditioners. The white coating of SPF also reflects 84% of the sun's heat, making your restored roof one of the "greenest" coverings on the planet!

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Badly worn commercial low-slope roof Low-slope commercial roof restored with an spf roofing system
SPF Penetrates Every Inch and Corner of Your Roof

Installing your SPF roofing system is a 3-step process.

1. The first layer is sprayed on 1" thick to thoroughly penetrate every corner of your roof. This provides excellent insulation and weatherproofing you can count on.

2. Next, we apply a coat of our Benchmark acrylic latex for additional protection.

3. Finally, we top coat your roof with our Puma XL cover. This creates a multi-layer, closed-cell roofing system that's rigid and waterproof.

Commercial roof protection through polyurethane spray foam roofing provides a seamless seal across your roof. SPF roof repair enables you to still walk across your building's roof, if necessary. Polyurethane spray foam roofing is easily installed around rooftop A/C units and vents and requires less maintenance than other commercial roof systems.

Find how to start reaping the benefits of SPF today.