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roof with flashing in Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Why Roof Flashing is Key to Your Crawford County Building

There are a lot of great things about Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Nearby state parks like Conneaut Lake and Pymatuning make it especially ideal for outdoor lovers to live and visit.

Those who live here year-round, however, know that the climate isn’t for the weak at heart sometimes.

Crawford County gets its fair share of rainfall, more than 40 inches annually. That’s higher than the nation’s average rainfall. According to one report, Allegheny County gets precipitation (snow, sleet, hail, or rain) on average, 166 days per year.

That’s why proper roof flashing is so important. Your local commercial building needs to withstand the barrage of precipitation. Flashing plays a key role in a commercial roof system’s water drainage.

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FAQs About EPDM Roofing (with Answers)

EPDM roofing is used worldwide to protect industrial buildings. While Keystone Commercial Roofing does not install EPDM, we may be able to extend the life of your existing EPDM roof and we can install roof coating systems that restore an EPDM roof’s ability to provide proper shelter.

Curious about EPDM? We answer popular questions about this often-used flat roof system.

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5 Common Roof Problems Your Building Might Have (with photos)

Through our years of experience working on commercial roofs, we’ve come across some common roof issues. If you’re a property manager or building owner, you’ll want to be alert to these signs of roof damage and weak spots. We offer free onsite roof inspections and can help you determine if there are weaknesses in your commercial roof.

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an access roof ladder in Ohio by Keystone Commercial Roofing

Neglected Roof Maintenance Hot Spots [and a checklist for facility managers]

Building managers and property owners know that preventative roof maintenance can save thousands of dollars when it keeps repairs in check.

Small leaks that are detected early can be a less expensive fix than leaks left unrepaired. Doing so helps you avoid water damage to the contents in your building and avoid risking the health of staff inside the building who could be threatened by mold or rotted framing caused by leaks.

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Yet any weakness in a building roof is one that deserves attention. The following are a few common areas that pose a risk for anyone repairing or restoring a commercial roof. Fortunately, Keystone Commercial Roofing uses a photo app that helps create awareness of these areas for our installation crew.

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flat roof

Common Issues with Flat Roofs [And How to Solve Them]

Many commercial and industrial buildings have flat roofs because they are less expensive to install and maintain than pitched roofs. Flat roofs, or “low slope” roofs, typically have a slope of 25% or less.

Water pooling, leaks, and membrane punctures are common issues with flat roofs. Protective coatings can remediate many of these issues.

By far, the most common issue with flat roofs in Northeast Pennsylvania are leaks, which can be caused by the other flat roof issues.

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grease on a roof

We Can Help with Rooftop Grease Contamination

Commercial kitchens endure a lot of abuse, activity, and scrutiny. If you manage or own a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you’ve likely invested thousands of dollars in cooking equipment, from grills and fryers to rotisseries and woks.

Inevitably, that equipment will produce airborne grease. You rely on hood systems, kitchen exhaust fans, and ductwork to move it up and out of the kitchen. Regular roof inspection and maintenance should also be a part of a rooftop grease remediation plan.

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industrial zones

Could Opportunity Zone Dollars Fund Your Commercial Roof?

There are more than 8,700 opportunity zones in the nation; Pennsylvania has designated 300 opportunity zones. These are areas where private investments, under certain conditions, may be eligible for tax breaks to improve economically distressed communities.

Commercial builders and developers can take advantage of these opportunities as not only a chance to invest in commercial properties with less financial burden but also as a chance to improve low-income communities.

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commercial roof repair

Repair Your Building’s Roof Before Winter

Do you own or manage a building? If you’re responsible for the proper care of a facility, it’s time to do a thorough inspection of your building’s roof or have a professional roof consultant conduct one for you.

Don’t hold off on roof replacement any longer; do this before cold weather arrives.

Winter weather presents several challenges for roof restoration or repair. In fact, we only have about a month or two left to do liquid applied systems before it gets too cold.

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new roof in Erie Pennsylvania airport

How Do I Choose the Best Commercial Roofer Near Me?

Finding out there’s a leak in your building’s flat roof or metal roofing is a daunting discovery. While we encourage all facility managers to conduct roof condition assessments regularly, we know it’s a task that sometimes gets pushed to the wayside. This year, especially, there were likely pandemic-related issues that took precedence.

So if your building’s roof is showing any of the signs of needed roof repair, don’t delay in finding a reputable commercial roofing company to check that task off your list.

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flat roof repair

Select the Best Coating for Flat Roof Repair

Although many buildings are said to have flat roofs, that is somewhat of a misnomer. Flat roofs are slightly sloped so that rain, snow, and other moisture can properly drain. So, even though they appear to be completely flat, they are not. However, their mostly flat structure allows for more efficient use of space and they are easier to install. Typically, the cost to maintain them is less expensive than the cost to maintain a pitched roof.

If your building endures dramatic climate changes throughout each season, its roofing material will be put under more stress than commercial buildings in more temperate, even climates. Temperature extreme can reduce the lifespan of a commercial roof. A roof that is accessed a lot will also wear down faster.

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