Commercial Roof Replacement

There has been so much advancement in roof coating technology that commercial roof replacement may no longer be the ideal solution to your commercial roof problems. Our roof professionals can install roof coatings that will add years of life to your commercial roof, as well as help you save energy costs and offer more sustainability.

a recently replaced commercial roof

Commercial Roof Replacement Cost

The cost per square foot will decrease dramatically when you opt for roof repairs targeted at only the troubled spots on your commercial roof, which can be resolved with a roof coating system. Your specific costs can be determined with a free commercial roof inspection.

Schedule a free consultation with a Keystone Commercial Roofing representative to find out the many benefits of choosing a roof restoration over a commercial roof replacement. Roofing consultants who are not third-party representatives will save you money. Keystone’s commercial roofing consultants are the same professionals who repair it.

Our Conklin-preferred contractors have solved numerous roofing issues, from water ponding and leaking issues on low-slope and flat roofs to fastener-failure and weak spots in metal roofs. With no tear-off debris, no downtime, and added energy efficiency, a commercial roof restoration can outweigh the benefits of a commercial roof replacement.

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