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Top Answers to Your Commercial Roofing Questions

What is commercial roofing?

Commercial roofing is a specialized trade in which a contractor installs, restores, or repairs the roofs of large industrial buildings, warehouses, and commercial properties. Commercial roofs usually have a low slope or are flat because these types of roofs are less expensive to install and maintain than pitched roofs that you typically see on residential buildings. Commercial roofs are usually made up of BUR (built-up roofing) consisting of tar and gravel, EDPM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), metal, or modified bitumen.

What is commercial roof restoration?

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What Are the Different Coating Types and Colors?

Conklin Roofing Systems have been around for decades, helping professional commercial roofers provide their property owners with reliable, worry-free roof repair and restoration. We believe it’s the best name in the roof coatings industry. The Conklin mission and its superior product line are reasons we became Conklin Preferred commercial roofers.

Savvy building owners and property managers know the financial benefits of a commercial roof coating over a traditional roof replacement. The cost savings of roof coatings are in the thousands.

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What Does it Mean to be Conklin Preferred in Roofing?

Conklin started formulating acrylic roof coatings back in 1977, amassing decades of expertise in the realm of commercial roof coating systems. Thousands of commercial roofing professionals, and the building owners they’ve serviced, believe the roof systems by Conklin are the best in the industry for superior protection against the elements and energy-efficiency.

Conklin believes that a roof is a long-term investment, not just another expense. Quality is so paramount to the company that commercial roofing contractors must earn a “Conklin Preferred contractor” status through its evaluation process.

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Will Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement Interrupt My Business?

Sometimes damage to a commercial roof requires just a small patch or a section that can be easily repaired. However, if you see evidence of leaking, pooling, or other signs your commercial roof needs repair, don’t assume you’ll need to close your business during the roof restoration process.

An experienced commercial roofing company will know how to help property owners and facility managers keep business operations running smoothly throughout the project so there is no need to interrupt your business.

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Can Coatings Restore Roofs on Old Buildings?

We’ve gone over the different types of commercial roofs, covering some of the most common commercial and industrial roofing materials and systems. From PVC to EPDM to metal roofing, various materials help protect the usually flat and low-slope, low-pitch roofs commonly found on warehouses, office buildings, and other commercial properties.

Sun, rain, wind, hail, and time can impact your commercial roof’s ability to protect your building, its contents, and the people inside it. So what happens when you’ve got an old building or a building where new construction was added to an existing, older structure?

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Identify Your Roof Repair Needs

Commercial buildings require a lot of maintenance, but commercial roofs shouldn’t be at the top of a facility manager’s list when it comes to routine repair. Most commercial buildings have roofs that last for decades.

But you should be monitoring your commercial roof yearly. Annual commercial roof inspections to identify possible damage can alleviate the risk of developing larger repair needs in the future.

If you manage a commercial property, be alert to the following commercial roof issues that typically occur. You can call our professional roof consultants to schedule your commercial roof inspection.

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Is Your Building’s Roof Bullying Its Air Conditioning System?

Temperatures are soon going to start hovering high, like in the mid-90s and above high. Your commercial building is likely already emanating heat inside just from the use of machinery and everyday warehouse activities. The last thing you want is for heat to be coming down from above too.

Asphalt roof systems are especially notorious for absorbing the sun’s heat and forcing a building’s cooling system to work harder in the summer months. White roofing systems, or cool roof systems, do the opposite.

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Commercial Roof Types [and Cost-effective Roof Systems]

Common commercial roofing types include tar and gravel (built-up roofing),

PVC and TPO (thermoplastic), EPDM or thermoset roofing, metal roofing, modified bitumen roofing, green roofing systems.

Most commercial roofs are low-slope or flat.

When commercial roofs start to age or damage occurs that threatens their ability to protect the people and contents of your warehouse or other commercial property, roof membrane coatings may be your best option for repair and restoration.

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What to Expect During a Commercial Roof Inspection

Replacing the roof on a commercial building can be a huge expense. That’s why it’s so important to have a commercial roof consultant inspect your building’s roof to conduct a leak inspection and ensure all personnel, inventory, and equipment are sheltered properly.

If the roofing consultant discovers leaks or other roof damage, a roof restoration might be your best option. Roof restorations are money-saving options that can take care of leaks and other damage efficiently and effectively.

Now more than ever, with the strain of COVID-19 restrictions, capital spending limited, and the economy less stable, roof coatings an ideal solution to budgetary limitations.

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The Best Time of Year for Commercial Roofing Projects

Last winter was mild, and we certainly saw less snow accumulation than years past. Still, a mild winter doesn’t necessarily erase the risk of roof damage.

Now’s the time to inspect your facility’s roof to check for leaks or other damages. Not sure what you’re looking for? One of our professional roofing consultants would be happy to come out and inspect your commercial property for any leaks, potential for leaks, or evidence of damage.

With precautions in place due to COVID-19, our consultants practice social distancing, safety protocols, and offer contact-less updates on projects through the use of CompanyCam.

The upcoming months are ideal for roof projects. In fact, the best time for roof coating applications is between May and October.

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