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Roofing Membrane Coating System

Is your EPDM, PVC or other single-ply roof leaking?
Are you worried about deterioration, discoloration or weak spots?
Would you like to save money on your energy bills?

Keystone Commercial Roofing can revive your old, flat roof without replacing it.

Chances are your current flat roof is constructed with black materials that absorb sunlight, causing it to expand, contract and experience early failure and expensive leaks. Our membrane coating system is designed to address these weaknesses while reflecting sunlight, preventing damage and saving you money on heating and cooling your building for years to come.

Want to find out if our roofing membrane coating is right for your building?

Roofing Membrane Coating System
How It Works

The key to revitalizing your membrane roof is in the preparation.

First, we take the time to prep your existing membrane roof using our WAC11 cleaner. This cleans your roof and opens the membrane pores, creating a strong, adhesive surface. Next, we apply primer to your roof, to create a consistent, fresh surface to apply our industry-leading top coat. We also coat and reinforce all seams and protrusions to eliminate possible leaks and weak points.

membrane before
membrane during
membrane after

Rapid Roof 111 Roof Coating

Provided by our innovative partner Conklin, Rapid Roof 111 is rated #1 in roof restoration. This white reflective topcoat is a powerful latex substance. It's Energy Star Rated, comes with a Class "A" fire rating, and provides 100% guaranteed leak prevention - all backed by an exceptional multi-year warranty!

Take the first step in revitalizing your roof.